@ddict? MOOC about our usage of digital tools

Two COCo members, Olivier Aubert and Yannick Prié, have been part of the pedagogical team that organised @ddict?, the first MOOC proposed by University of Nantes on the France Université Numérique (FUN) platform, between december 2014 and february 2015. The MOOC was a connectivist / collaborative one, aimed at fostering discussion between participants and the team on their digital usages, trying to determine if we could identify excessive or even addictive ones. A 90min seminar with two invited speakers was held every week during 6 weeks, both live in Nantes and live streamed on the web. Participants in the room and on the web could annotate the discussion that was unfolding using COCoNotes Live. Afterwards, annotations were resynchronized in the COCoNotes interface that had been integrated in the FUN platform. Users can also use COCoNotes to annotate the recorded webinars a posteriori.

About 2000 users accessed the recordings through the COCoNotes platform, and more than 100 of them used the annotation possibilities, either live (creating  201 annotations) or afterwards (creating 451 annotations).