CSEDU 2014

From 1st to 3rd April the International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2014) was held in Barcelona.

COCo team was there (Camila) and presented the paper “Leveraging video annotations in video-based e-learning”, which analysis pedagogical scenarios relying in video annotations as well as the actual use of it in MOOCs and dedicated tools. The presentation is available here.

The conference really had an international atmosphere and a good program. Some of the most stimulating or provocative talks were:

  • The presentation of the project Open Discovery Space about the challenges on creating open e-learning resources in a multicultural environment;
  • José Carlos Lourenço Quadrado statement: “You have to be clever before being smart”;
  • Erik de Graaff on team work “People are not born to work in a team”. He supports the idea that participants tend to do what they are already good at, therefore there is a necessity to take different roles in order to learn. He also spoke about the necessity to find a good balance in students’ tasks between group and individual work, where reflection is more likely to occur;
  • The final presentation by Steve Wheeler, holding that learning in the future will be, at the same time, more social and personal.