Journées e-pédagogie en Pays de la Loire

The cities of Nantes, Angers and Le Mans organized in June the “Journées e-pédagogie en Pays de la Loire”. A great occasion to exchange innovative pedagogical practices among professors and also the pedagogical support teams.


Angers, June the 17th

The interactive aspect of courses was the first theme discussed: examples of Twitter uses, Powervote and pedagogical tests with Moodle.

The concept of flipped classrooms as well as virtual classes were next: in some cases the lectures were completely suppressed, in other cases they were reduced. The resources are usually available on the Moodle of the corresponding university (podcasts, videos, blogs, questionnaires, 3D demonstrations, forums…).

A panel closed the discussions, it was about the use of Moodle and how its use can be better exploited.


Le Mans, June the 18th

The “Salle d’innovation pédagogique”, available at the Université du Maine, was presented, with a focus on possibilities of creating collaborative scenarios.

Again the flipped classrooms were addressed, with a feedback from the experience in an Economics class.

The role of the professor and the changes it experiences were the other subject, especially on the cases of the public: those looking for continuous education (professional training).


Nantes, June the 19th

The last day was the most dynamical one. After the conferences tackling the importance of interactions, gamification and feedback (all based on the professor’s experience), the afternoon was dedicated to ateliers where it was possible to discover and learn how to use several tools in a pedagogical way.

A last conference reminded the professors about the legal aspects when using and creating resources to be used in a learning context.