Journées pédagogiques – SIF

The “Journées pédagogiques” of the Societé Informatique de France (SIF) took place on June 23th and 24th. The theme was “Informatique et MOOC”.

As President, Colin de la Higuera participated on the organization and the first panel.  Later on, the research approach of the COCo project was presented. It addressed the video enrichment possibilities regarding a pedagogical use as well as the research project regarding the alignment of a conference (video) with the corresponding article (text). The slides are available here.

Other presentations were interesting, discussing subjects as the role of the professor on MOOCs, feedbacks from those who have already taught a MOOC, the importance of using (and creating) open educational resources (OER) and talks about technologies that are available to facilitate the process of teaching so many at the same time.


Logo SIF, work found at
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