Internet of Education 2013

The COCo project (Olivier Aubert and Colin de la Higuera) was present at the first conference, organised by the Knowledge4All foundation in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from Nov. 2013, 10 to 12.

The goal of the event is to bring together researchers and policy makers from both university and academia to research into methods for improving the effectiveness of video based MOOC education but also promote discussion of the implications of MOOCs and new edutech trends for classical university education. A variety of topics were addressed, from technological points to policy issues, along with some return of experience.

The legendary Ljubljana dragon

The legendary Ljubljana dragon

We presented a talk titled « Video annotation, a key asset for e-learning » where we underlined the various existing experience in the domain of video annotation, and how this experience could be leveraged with great benefit in current e-learning systems, offering more interaction and engagement opportunities for both learners and teachers. You can view the slides that were presented alone, or visualize the video recording of the presentation.

This event was a great opportunity to discuss with a variety of actors, from a technological background (such as Lyndon Johnson from MediaMixer, Joscha Jaeger from the Open Hypervideo project, or Gonçal Garcés Díaz-Munío from the TransLectures project) or more policy related (such as Fred Mulder and Darco Jansen from the OpenUpEd initiative).

We will be back to Ljubljana for the upcoming OCWC Conference.